Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Well that's another Christmas gone west. We had a nice few days and the food all turned out really well. I especially like the wee splash of cherry brandy in my cranberry sauce. Also did Nigel Slater's Christmas pudding sauce, which is pud and fresh orange and a little brandy butter melted together and poured over really good vanilla ice cream.

Happy to eat simple food today, as you can have too much of a good thing!

I got my annual jigsaw as one of my presents, and I'm enjoying putting it together. It's very difficult, as it's a pictire of a barn at sunset, which is perfectly reflected in a mill pond, so it's hard to know what's barn and what's reflection. No-one else in this house likes jigsaws, but putting one together reminds me of doing them with my brother and sister as kids, it was a bit like our Monopoly games where we'd all stash a get out of jail free card, except with the puzzle we'd each keep a bit back hoping to be the one to put the last piece in place, sometimes the thing would stand all but complete for days, with only three pieces missing while we tried to psych each other out.

I've done these photomosiac puzzles before and they're very good, each piece has a small picture on it, helping to make the larger picture.

I think jigsaw puzzles are really good things for teaching you patience and how to really look at shape and colour variations. They are also very good at keeping you in the moment, which can be helpful at Christmas.

Anyway I don't care if I'm considered a sad,old eegit,my puzzle is keeping me sane this holiday season and that's all that matters.

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Blogger blkbutterfly said...

i'm happy to eat simple foods today as well. my aunt made a bean soup, and it was so good! though i must admit i do have a hankering for a piece of German chocolate cake.

jigsaw puzzles... i think i'm just not patient enough. i'll give it a go for a few hours (at most) and then lose interest (or becomg frustrated).

take care...

11:38 pm  
Blogger apprentice said...

I rest my case on the jigsaw issue lol! They do have a Zen quality to them, but like most forms of meditation you need to work at it.

I'm past craving anything sweet, which pleases me. But today we have a big family party in town and I'll be tempted by all sorts of goodies.

11:46 am  

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