Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Photo on Wikepedia

I have some photographs on a site called It's a site that provides free stock pictures for people to use in educational or community type projects. Most of mine are from when I was just getting used to shooting digitally so I'm happy if they are of use to others. I get lovely e-mails from people telling me what they've done with my shots and how useful they have been. I really like this as it feels like I'm doing something helpful and in keeping with the spirit of the Net. I got a nice one recently to say that a shot I took in the Scottish Museum of Flight, of a Rolls Royce jet engine, is now on Wikepedia. Don't know why but that gave me a bit of kick. My grandad would have approved as he was Clyde built engineer.

It's not that stunningly interesting, but you can view it here


Anonymous Banana said...

It's wonderfully satisfying when others' admire and appreciate your work. It reminds me of a competition I entered. I didn't win. But on the night of the Final round, an audience came up to me and told me that she had been following the competition for years and my performance was one of the few memorable ones she remembered.

2:36 pm  
Blogger PI said...

Recognition and appreciation are meat and drink to the artist. Thst is what i love about the net - that the deafening silence is broken and you get feed-back.

11:19 pm  
Blogger apprentice said...

Thanks, you're both right it's nice to be appreciated. Of course 90% of people just download the shot and don't tell you, but the 10% makes up for it.

B have you a recording you could put on your blog, I'd love to hear you sing.

9:39 am  
Blogger Clare said...

OK, this is all very well but please please please can you direct me to this Naked monkey person? After reading your post on JonnyB's blog I've tried google and everything, but with no luck. I want to read about the chewing gum in the lady garden!

11:40 am  
Blogger PI said...

Honey you may be getting a lot of clicks. See jonny B. I also want to see naked monkey.

11:41 am  
Blogger Clare said...

P.S. I think it's great that you're putting your pictures out there as a public resource. Sometimes I find people's obsession with copyright a little mystifying.

11:42 am  
Blogger apprentice said...

Link duly posted and Monkey alerted!

12:34 pm  
Blogger Clare said...


Thank you. Sorry for all the fuss. I'm an impatient sod at times...

1:34 pm  

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