Saturday, August 22, 2009

Too many riches

Yesterday was a perfect day.

In the morning I had complete peace to do a photo assignment in the house. It meant setting up my white board and photographing one of the small woolen blanket that my friend knits for the neo-natal unit in Edinburgh. I had great fun folding and refolding the thing to try and get the shot I wanted and then spent a happy time in Photoshop editing images and overlaying the text her concrete poem.

We hope they will be able to sell a postcard of it to raise more money for the unit. I'd show it here, but it is not my poem........

In the afternoon N, my Spanish friend, brought over B, her oldest friend, who is visiting from Bilbao, and we had a lovely time together, despite my poor Spanish and B's poor English.

I stayed with B in Bilbao once, and her apartment in an old part of the city is full of the most beautiful orchids. So she happily spent about an hour giving my few pathetic specimens a bit of much needed TLC and giving me hell for the state they were in. (I can grow anything outside or in the greenhouse, but houseplants rarely do well with me.)

And I love hearing N speaking Spanish, she seems to come to life.

This weekend I'm getting the garden ready for the big adventure on Monday, when a TV crew will come and help me build a pond, from an old zinc tank that I've acquired.


Blogger Kay said...

I'm intrigued by the bath story! Sounds like you've had a fulfilling day - yay! They are good days.

11:13 am  
OpenID rosneath said...

you get a TV crew to come and work in your garden? I wish I could do that! and, nah! I can't do houseplants, either!

5:05 pm  

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