Monday, October 27, 2008

Road Trips and US Election

Is anyone else fed up with all these media types rushing round the USA trying to find odd ball types to interview in every nook and cranny?

Last night the only people I would like to have seen on the Stephen Fry show were the Amish, but they don't like to be photographed or filmed.

But the one thing that did strike me is just how beautiful the Appalachian forests are in fall.

I preferred Jon Snow's C4 report, it was much more upbeat and paid due tribute to the Americans' amazing capacity for innovation and reinvention.

I also had to laugh at Fox News, where they reported on some TV station in Florida that tried to get Biden to admit that Obama had Marxist tendencies. But before Fox could report the issue they had to explain to their viewers just who Marx was. Mmmm I wonder if this means that Fox News reporters are elitists?


Blogger BarbaraS said...

I am dodging channels that make any mention of the US election: I've reached saturation point! Ouch.

T'will be very interesting to see what happens...

2:34 pm  
Blogger Kay said...

We've got an election here in two weeks ... but no-one else really cares! ;)

11:28 am  
Blogger apprentice said...

I want to see this election through, it's so important for us all I feel.

Kay i heard about your new filesharing law, that's scary enough in itself.

2:23 pm  
Blogger Lucy said...

We both admitted to ourselves and each other we're not over-fond of Stephen Fry and find him a bit creepsome, which is something of a heresy in middle of the road liberal cultured circles, isn't it?

I loved that Marxist question. And it was so ineptly phrased too. Biden's reaction 'Is that a joke?' was spot-on, I thought.

I think I can't get any more horrified by the McCain/Palin ghastliness, then I see them again and I am.

3:42 pm  
Blogger PI said...

The maddening thing about Stephen Fry's US trip is one gets the impression he is on his very best behaviour which makes him seem a bit creepy I think, and why doesn't he tell us interesting details like how he broke his arm?

9:04 am  
Blogger apprentice said...

Yes i'm with you both on finding SF a bit like Uriah Heep in his present incarnation as a would be Alan Whicker -now that dates me doesn't it!

2:14 pm  

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