Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Captain slog :)

For no particular reason I've changed my banner to a fig leaf. It's a detail from a 17th century Portuguese tile on an old public well in Madeira. I love blue and white tiles and china, there is something very right about them, maybe it's just because they are the colour of the sky.

I have the gas man here looking at our misbehaving boiler, which - a bit like myself these days - is suffering from low pressure.

Yesterday N dragged me to an aqua aerobics class. I usually hate these kind of things as I tend to fail to manage to mirror the instructor and end up tripping everyone else up. But this one was great fun, and being partly submerged certainly helps. Although I had to stifle a giggle or two when synchronised swimming images kept popping into my head.

Other good news is that N's son B is part of a trio exhibiting at MoMA in NY. N is really thrilled and while she didn't get to NY, due to babysitting duties, she was pleased to be able to watch him being interviewed by the MoMA curator on YouTube and here it is:

And Calum Gourlay, our cousin's son, played live on Jools Holland last night backing Camille O'Sullivan on the double bass. Click to visit his myspace page.

It is lovely to see two young men gaining recognition in each of their chosen fields. Both have put in a lot of hard work along the way and it is good to see it rewarded.

Now back to my things to do list - A copy Heart Notes to post out to a buyer, present for new baby to be sent, tea for the gasman, dog to detach from said gasman's ankles etc, etc.............


Blogger PI said...

How lovely to have son who designs beautiful rugs. I hope she gets one:)

11:30 am  
Blogger BarbaraS said...

All so busy. One good thing about aqua aerobics: you're clean afterwards!

2:11 pm  

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