Sunday, June 29, 2008


I'm listening to this song on my i-pod. It's been a sad weekend. My husband's colleague died yesterday morning in the early hours. He was diagnosed less than two months ago with esophageal cancer. He was so busy looking after his patients he didn't stop to take the time to look after himself, until it was too late.

It is a recurring theme with many men. I hope it will be a wake-up call to my old man to take some time for himself - he's always going back to work after dinner to do a few more hours of paperwork to keep the NHS afloat.

I'm also listening to Paul Weller's new album 22 Dreams. It is excellent, he is such a good songwriter and the mix of material on this album is really impressive.

My hay fever is bothering me something rotten,the high winds here are fanning grass pollen everywhere. So I have a good excuse to stay indoors and watch Wimbledon. It's the first time in years that matches have engaged me enough to watch them from start to finish, as there are some great touch players around just now, not least our own Andy Murray. It is so much better than watching those awful boom, boom baseline games.

I used to play tennis as a girl, eye streaming with hay fever as the single tarmacked village court was surrounded on three sides by meadows. We'd play from sun up to sun down, arguing over points in matches that sometimes lasted for 15 sets. Then when Wimbledon came along the big village boys would come and evict us for a week or two, before going back to their fags and football as soon as it finished.

My racket was heavy and wooden, and not a little warped. But those summer days seemed to last for ever and were full of great lessons about persistence, fairness and not pushing your luck!


Blogger PI said...

Did you watch Andy Murray last night? I kept forgetting to breathe.
Isn't Paul Weller amazing looking?
Is your son's eye OK now? My # 1 son has an eye op today.

8:36 am  
Blogger apprentice said...

Yes it was an amazing match. I could barely watch at times. What determination Andy Murray has.

Paul has aged really well, not sure about the hair though ,lol!

My son is fine, although he has to get a glaucoma pressure test every year, as the op puts him at risk of this, though hopefully not for a very long time.

I hope you son does well too.

9:45 am  
Blogger PI said...

Thanks Anna. All seems to be well- apart from heavy bruising - and he's back at work.

8:38 am  
Blogger Kay said...

Loved the video it was sweet.
Hope you enjoy your days indoors.
I too have happy memories of tennis games as a child.

1:06 pm  
Blogger Lucy said...

Wish I liked tennis more, it was a big part of my small town home counties youth but I reacted negatively to it as such...

The song and video are very wistful and sweet. Sorry about your husband's colleague.

4:25 pm  
Blogger BarbaraS said...

Sorry to hear that you've had such a rotten time of it lately. Our FIL has early stages of that, so I've some inkling of what it must feel like.

On a cheery note, I watched Wimb. Mens Final on Sun for the first time in nine years - such good tennis. Rain here keeping us indoors. I do hope your weather there is being kinder to ye in Scotland :)

9:04 pm  
Anonymous Dick said...

Thanks for the intro to The Weepies. Off to chase them up on iTunes right now.

7:21 am  
Blogger apprentice said...

Thanks all. Dick they have a song in the much slated Sex in the City film too.

3:23 pm  

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