Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Reading and listening

Pictures of watery things, tiny bird bath in my garden, shot with the wacky lensbaby lens and part of the fountain in Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh.

I took part in the Scottish Poetry Pamphlet readings yesterday. We were largely preaching to the converted, and our tent at the Book Festival was a bit intimidating for people, lots of massive plants blocking the doorway and it was set back in the corner. People entered it like they would a flash, mimimalist clothing boutique, ready to run for the door at the first opportunity. But it was a great breakthrough for the group to get a foothold at the Festival, and I really hope they are able to build on it. Leafleting the coffee areas would help, pointing out it is a free gig.

I bought a couple of things, including a sign copy of Preferred Lies for my husband - which he hasn't put down since I gave it to him, so it must be a hit. It was a present as it's our 28th wedding anniversary next week - I was a child bride! ;)

The title is about some golf rule or other, but it is about as clear to me as the off-side rule in football, so I won't attempt to explain it. I like the phrase though, it would make a great title for a poem.

Also enjoying the Festival comedy coverage on BBC Radio Scotland. It's about the only time that I listen to the station as I prefer the mix of things on Radio 3 and 4. In fact I really don't want the current debate on Scotland's links to the UK to lead to more Scottish programming at the expense of losing exposure to things that go out to the rest of the UK. I already hate the Newsnight split, there's always a really good thing on the main programme, but you're chopped away to watch some ex councillors slag each other off on some meanigless, manufactured issued, with some Paxman wannabe as referee - I just hit the remote.

There was a very funny bit on the radio yesterday when festival goers were asked if they queued for things, or just pushed in. One woman said she queued here, but when in Europe just pushed in like a good 'un. Fred MacAulay pointed out that Alex Salmond (our First Minister and a nationalist) thinks Scotland is already at the heart of Europe, so we were all now free to push in at home too!


Blogger PI said...

How exciting to be part of the festivsl. That reminds me I still haven't uncovered our fountain for the summer (Yes I know I have ideas above my station) and it hardly seems worth it now.
We were married November 1979- I can't work out who has been married longest. My first was 28 years.

10:08 am  
Blogger apprentice said...

Something else we have in common Pat!

I know what you mean about uncovering the fountain i think summer's been cancelled it's autumnal here today!

11:57 am  

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