Friday, September 29, 2006

This blog is a rag-bag

Sorry,it's only me and John Prescott that can say this and mean it, I've been looking around and I see lots of themed, slick blogs out there. If you drop in on this one must think, "What a tip!". I suppose it's because I just post things that I'm currently thinking about, and the contents of my head are also fairly disorganised.

Today I took the proof of the book to the printers. They are lovely guys, I've used them for loads of photographic jobs and their work is always excellent and they never, ever make a fuss.

I've also been listening to some great programmes on Radio 4. One was a segment of Woman's Hour on The Diary of an Edwardian Lady - remember all that twee stationery in the 1980s? That was her last revival. Anyway an academic has now repeated her walks and compared the species found then and now, needless to say there is very little left, especially in the flora department. The other programme was on Enid Blyton, this was fun for me as I read the Famous Five under my covers with a torch when I was wee. No it wasn't banned literature in our house, indeed my mother read some right raunchy old tat which gave me a lurid early education, no it was just that I was supposed to go to sleep after lights out. Nowadays I don't know how I stood old Enid, but at least she got me reading, and for that I shall always be grateful.

I really love the radio, you can so many other things while listening, my two favourites are cooking and gardening. I have a Roberts' padded trannie in the kitchen and hell mend you if you retune it to Five Live from BBC Radio 4. I'd really like a DABS trannie for Christmas. I also have an old working Bakerlite Bush radio, which has valves and everything and takes three minutes to heat up. The tone on it is superb, but it only gets long wave and AM. I like to listen to Rumptee tumtee tumteetum on it. It's like the one pictured here, although mine's in a brown finish. I bought it years ago for a few quid.


Blogger PI said...

Been waiting so long for comment box nearly forgotten but oh yes - do not aplogise for your blog. It is the natural way to blog. To hell with slickness!

6:17 pm  
Blogger CyberScribe said...

I agree with pi. Some blogs that look slick, that are rumoured to be the top blogs are "sh1t".
I think bloggings all about personality and content, I'll not expand on that as it's Friday.

6:33 pm  

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