Thursday, June 07, 2007

Flower Power

Last night I went to a fund raiser for the Festival of Flowers in the town in August. That's when all the flower arrangers from St Mary's, our beautiful medieval church, create amazing displays with the church interior as a back drop.

They had a good audience last night and showed us some beautiful arrangements, including a lovely circular one, arranged around glass votives, that could be hung up on chains. Their eye for cutting things to just the right length and for use the natural curve of a flower or piece of foliage was wonderful to watch. And they had a fantastic array of flowers, the most beatiful of all being fat pink peonies just breaking from bud.

Meanwhile back at the ranch I'm trying to survive my son being under my feet 24/7. The sooner he gets a summer job the better.

And I wish the sun would come out, this flat grey gloom is getting me down. I keep thinking of N in the brillant sunshine of Spain. She'll be doing her favourite thing, which is to cook sardines outside on a grill. She even did it once when we were up north, in soft rain in cloud of midgies.


Blogger Lucy said...

Really the best way to have sardines; not least because they don't then make the kitchen smell.

3:07 pm  

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