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Apprentice results

As the Venerable Apprentice, as fl:ux likes to refer to me ;), I thought I should say something about this year's series.

Well for starters I'm very happy that Katie is out. I thought Sir Alan played her very well, telling her she was through to the final and then letting her stew for a bit before returning and allowing her to star in her own wee drama, which was what she was all about anyway. And those fluttering eyelashes, they made me want to barf!
(Although I agree with comments on Pat's blog that in a real life interview he'd be in breach of Equal Opps legislation in terms of indirect discrimination.)

I hope Kristina wins, although two wins in a row by women would be somewhat surprising.

I see she has a Hons degree in Maths and Simon has an MA in Economics from Cambridge - so perhaps the show is moving away from the image of working class barrow boy makes good, which is a shame as I'm sure there are still thousands of people out there who haven't managed to make it to university for a whole raft of reasons and this programme could be a great platform to show them that there are other routes to success.

I must say I found the business prowess of this particular set of wannabees fairly underwhelming. None, bar Simon, seem to have researched their quarry and in most tasks they just floundered around. I thought that was particularly evident on the tele sales episode. In past years the contestants had the sense to ask the people there what sold well and how best to pitch it - this lot never even bothered to ask.
They were also completely oblivious to the requirements of food labelling etc on the zoo/sweetie job. And I'd like to know if they are all the type of people who build flat pack things without reference to the instructions, as they never seemed to read the rules on tasks - particularly the penalty clauses if the task wasn't wholly completed.

As someone who has had to set young people tasks I find that their biggest flaw is that they don't stop to scope a job first. A few quick notes on a job can save you hours later on - especially a little thinking on contingencies just in case your first ideas doesn't pan out.

Regrettably this show just seems to be becoming another vehicle towards celebrity and a slot as a cable TV presenter. The real show would be a fly on the wall documentary of the making of the series - and like Big Brother the really interesting part would be the initial editorial discussion on who is selected and why.


Blogger f:lux said...

I only managed to catch one episode of the show, but it was the one where they had to select and sell the work of contemporary art photographers - and what you say about them not really taking enough interest in what they were doing and floundering about is just spot on! Did you see that one? I couldn't believe one of the teams, wandering the streets of the London financial district handing out flyers to people who looked like they might be rich enough to afford several hndred pounds worth of prints! It was such a classic I wonder if it shouldn't become part of the curriculum at Art Schools everywhere...

2:00 pm  
Blogger PI said...

Great minds! I did a small post on this today and we agree about blubber lips. That's a great photo - I couldn't find one. There was a programme on the back stories of some of them which made me warm to Kristina and Tre but not at all to Katie.

6:44 pm  
Blogger Verilion said...

Apprentice, please write to my bosses and tell them what they are doing wrong. You seem to have a brilliant business sense here.

7:37 pm  
Blogger Jan said...

Are you sure you're not about to usurp that mega successful Stuart Rose??!

4:11 pm  
Blogger apprentice said...

F:lux yes that one was really cringe making.

Pat I liked your piece too. I got the photo from the Apprentice website.

Verilion it just years of experience really. I've had all kinds of jobs from when I was about thirteen years old. My best advice in a new office is to get the know the boss' PA, the security men and the cleaners, you'll learn more from them about the office set up than from anyone else. And always be helpful to the people supporting important people, as they can help to pull your ass out of the fire when you need it most. And I don't mean suck up nice, just genuinely open and pleasant nice.

Oh and admit when you don't know something, provided there's no obvious reason why you should know it, and ask for help - people actually liked being asked for the benefit of their experience, you don't have to take it, but you can weigh up how useful it is.

Jan - I wish, he just gor a 7.5 million pay packet!

5:37 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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