Saturday, March 29, 2008

Posted Missing

Sorry I've not been around. I had my son and his girlfriend staying for Easter, so access to the 'puter has been limited. And if I'm honest I've not really felt much like posting.

It was my birthday this week, something I don't complain about any more and my good friend June sent me a really cheeky birthday card, the gist of which was that only the good die young - but old bitches last forever, so I should be safe for good while yet! I must admit it gave me a good laugh.

I bought some more plants for the garden with my birthday cash, a swanky new dahlia that has gorgeous marbled flowers, a new form to me of echinacea, which has yellow flowers, and some unusual salad crops, peas and S American edible tubers called ulluco . (Click the link to read a great piece on them by Daughter of the Soil at her wonderful veg gardening blog.)I look forward to receiving and planting them.

Colin and I have finished editing the Heart Notes pamphlet and he's taking it to the printers on Monday. He's put information about it up on the Calder Wood Press site, including Judi Benson's review. See here for details and look under new and recent publications -there's even a photo of me!.

I hope to read three poems from it at the Shore Poets open mike night tomorrow, assuming all has gone well with my name being added to the list!

I rehearsed them with Colin last week, and I've been working on my reading technique a lot since seeing and hearing all the wonderful readers at Stanza.

I can't believe March is all but over, although I do welcome the longer light that today brings. I must say the older I get the tougher the long dark winters get. I hope that once my husband retires we will be able to can split our time between two locations, Scotland spring/summer and somewhere light and sunny autumn/winter. I yearn to be a snow bird!

The photo is of sheep feeding on a field of turnips.


Blogger Lucy said...

Good to have you back.

Lots of people seem to have been struggling a bit, I know I have. And the weather doesn't help; snowbirding has much to recommend it!

1:42 pm  
Blogger PI said...

My ex wicked BIL remarked to my # 1 son 'Only the good die young.' whereupon my disrespectful son said ' 'Well you'll be OK then Uncle Wally!'
Uncle Wally was not amused. But I was.
You must have had a good time with the guests - otherwise the computer is an escape. We have family till Friday so I'm going to be pushed.

10:34 am  
Blogger apprentice said...

Mmm I did something like that once Pi, an uncle by marriage of my sister's didn't want to stop watching The Greatest Story Ever Told on TV to have dinner. I asked him if he didn't know how it ended -not well received either!

11:48 am  

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