Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tell me you favourite line/s in a Leonard Cohen song

The lovely Sam mentioned below that she likes this one:

"There is a crack in everything; that's how the light gets in."

Mine are:

"You treated my woman to a little flake of your life
And when she came back she was nobody's wife."


"Yes, and thanks, for the trouble you took from her eyes
I thought it was there for good so I never tried."

They're from the song Famous Blue Raincoat. The song itself is like a tiny, perfect novel.

And here it is:

Anyway tell me yours, it would be lovely to see just how many lives he has touched.



Blogger f:lux said...

"And Ill bury my soul in a scrapbook,
With the photographs there, and the moss
And Ill yield to the flood of your beauty"

From Take this waltz

5:41 pm  
Blogger apprentice said...

I love the photographs reference, thanks f:lux

5:52 pm  
Blogger Verilion said...

I really like Famous blue Raincoat, but I can't think of my fave line!

6:41 pm  
Blogger Cailleach said...

O the sisters of mercy, they have not departed or gone...

They were right here beside me, when I thought that hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm

I love that song, although Suzanne by the River is a great fav too!

8:05 pm  
Blogger Jan said...

Suzanne. Nothing like. Loved that years ago, love that now.
" Suzanne takes you down to her place by the river...And you know that she's 1/2 crazy..she feeds you tea and oranges all the way from China..She's wearing rags and feathers and she's touched your perfect body with her mind.."

Im a long way away now. BElieve me!

1:16 pm  
Blogger apprentice said...

Thanks Barbara and Jan. I love Suzanne too, even though it is the most opular of his lyrics. I thinks it had its 40th anniversary recently?

11:20 pm  
Blogger Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...

Thanks for that great video. I'd never seen it before.

Oooooh, Lenny-love. When I was growing up, I thought, irrationally, that it was only me in the whole wide world who knew about him, apart from my uncle. I was mad jealous when I heard that other people liked him too. What? But he's mine! He's singing to me, to me!

It's always amazing to find out how many people love him. I've been in love with him for years. I used to curse being born way too late for me to hunt him down and seduce him. He's just recetly come down from a Buddhist monastery on Baldy Mt. in California to do some more recording. Apparantly his financial manager was a bit of a crook and ripped him off for a good bit of money, so he's back recording again. There's a documentary out too. It played at Sundance but hasn't played anywhere near our wee town.

These are from Bird on A Wire, the song that started it all off for me 20-odd years ago:

"Like a baby still-born
Like a beast with his horn
I have torn everyone
Who reached out for me.


"Like a bird on a wire
Like a drunk in a midnight choir,
I have tried in my way to be free.

12:28 am  
Blogger Bock the Robber said...

She's a hundred but she's wearing something tight

12:59 am  
Blogger savannah said...

found you via bock the robber...
great site, gorgeous pics..and thanks for reminding me how grand leonard cohen is...
thank you!

4:28 am  
Blogger apprentice said...

Sam, like you I thought he was all mine. I'm sorry to learn he's been ripped off, but he must be in good if not great company!

Welcome Bock the robber and Savannah. Bock that is such a fantastic line isn't it -I shall aspire to it lol!

11:25 am  
Blogger chiefbiscuit said...

'Like a bird on a wire' is my favourite song and line! I discovered Cohen on a small record player playing on the floor of a friend's flat during a frosty winter in Dunedin, 1971 - along with Joni Mitchell. Joni has won out in my affections over the years, but Leonard will always be there too. Like a bird on a wire ...

1:31 am  
Blogger apprentice said...

Yes I love that song too CB, KD Lang does a great version of it too.

I heard parts of the Blue album on the radio the other night, I think I may get a new version of it on CD

9:19 pm  

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